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Terms of Use

Business Hours

Office Warehouse Online Site is available 24/7. Processing of orders and Customer Care inquiry, however, will follow an operating schedule as mentioned below. Any orders placed beyond the prescribed cut-off time will be processed the following working day.

Online Orders Processing Cut-Off Time:

Cut off time shall apply so that orders will be placed before the 3:00 pm delivery cut-off schedule.

  • Weekdays - 1:00 pm
  • Weekends and Holidays - No schedule. Orders placed on a weekend or holiday will be processed the following day (Monday) or the next working day, respectively.

Customer Care Hotline Schedule:

  • Weekdays - 9 am to 5 pm

Navigating the Site

Customers can explore the site through the following tools:

  • Store Locator – This is a useful tool to view listing of Office Warehouse outlets.
  • FAQ – Link discusses customer’s frequently asked questions.
  • How to Buy – A guide for first time online shopper with its step-by-step process on how to place order online.
  • Searching an Item – To quickly search for a specific item from the online store, customer can browse for it through several means:
    • Browse through the main menus – If customer is searching for an array of products, the site’s main menu shows three (3) major product departments: Furniture, Office and School Supplies and Technology. Upon clicking a department, customer may then explore the different categories and sub categories featured in the following page.
    • Shop by Brand – Customers can also search for items under a specific brand. Shopper may choose a specific brand and all of the related products, regardless of product type, will appear under the same brand
    • Use the “Search” text box - Customer can type in a brand name, specific model or the Alternate Look Up (ALU) code and the online store will search for the item
    • Using Site Map– An index of links to access through the site would be very useful for quick finds.
  • Product Photos and Specification – Each item featured would have the following product descriptions:
    • Product Name – specifies the complete name of the product including brand name, product type, alternate look up (ALU) number and specific attribute unique to the product.
    • Brand – specifies the brand name of the product featured
    • Alternate Look-Up (ALU) – indicates the item code of the product.
    • Department, Category and Sub-Category – outlines how the product is classified.
    • Item Description/Summary - identifies product’s features including color, size, type of material, unique features and capabilities.
    • Price - specifies the products selling price inclusive of 12% VAT. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
    • Photo – shows a visual representation of the product. Customers should note that photos may differ from actual product. There will be certain products carrying the same photo despite having different Product Names and descriptions descriptions/specifications. To differentiate, customers should
      • Check additional photos that would indicate differentiation i.e. a different color swatch of a fabric versus the main photo showcased, and
      • Double check Product Name indicating the appropriate attribute unique to the product.

Managing your Account

Customers can easily manage their details and update their purchases through the following tools:

    • Login – provides customer access to his/her current account with the site. For security purposes, the site has a set session timeout limit. Customer may need to log in to their account in the event that customer leaves the site for more than 30 minutes.
    • Register – if customer does not have an account, he/she may fill up the form to apply for one.
    • Shopping Cart This is where all customer purchases go. To view items purchased, customer can just click on the Shopping Cart link at the upper right hand corner of the site.
    • My Account – Customer can fully manage his/her account through the following tools:
      • My Orders – Provides a history of customer’s purchase orders providing status updates on each purchase order. To view details of each order, customer would need to click on a specific Order Number that Order Details may appear. Full details on understanding Order Details found under number 4.
      • My Profile – A venue where customer can edit his/her personal details and contact information
      • My Addresses – This is where customer may add or edit billing and shipping details as needed.
      • Change of Password – Upon registration, customer will be given a temporary password to access the account. Upon doing so, registrant is required to change his/her password for added protection and convenience. Should customer forget the password, this feature is a great tool to make a new one.

Order Details

This is a printable document that displays a list of your items ordered and includes the following information:

  • Order Number – Tracking number for customer's placed orders. ;
  • Date – Indicates date of online purchase
  • Status – Indicates progress on customer's purchase. Below are descriptions of the status of customer's orders. This list would be very useful in tracking the progress of order placements.
    • New” – A new customer order has been placed. Office Warehouse shall process customer's orders as soon as payment has been confirmed.
    • Processing” – Office Warehouse have received customer's credit card payment and orders are being prepared for shipment
    • Pending Payment” – Office Warehouse have received customer's orders but yet to receive bank deposit payment.
    • Pending Payment Confirmation” – Customer has made the bank deposit payment and has provided Office Warehouse the details of the transaction via encoding them under My Account Bank Deposit Information Tool. Office Warehouse has yet to verify the transaction and other payment details with the bank.
    • Cancelled” – Placed orders have been cancelled either by Office Warehouse or by customer due to specific reasons.
    • With Error” – During the online ordering process for credit card payments, the customer failed to complete the payment in PesoPay for certain reason/s. Customer may need to contact his/her bank to verify the concern.
    • “Shipped – The items have left the Office Warehouse distribution point.
    • “Delivered”- The items has been delivered to the customer and the customer has received the items.
    • Completed” – Office Warehouse has successfully delivered the ordered items. This is posted seven (7) days after date of delivery and acceptance of item to ensure there are no complaints on the items delivered.
  • Order Fulfillment Method – Indicates whether customer opted their orders delivered or picked-up from a participating Office Warehouse outlet.
  • Billing and Shipment Details
    • Deliver To/Pick-Up At – Customer should specify the location where orders are to be delivered.
    • Bill To – – Customer should fill in the address where billings and other documents should be delivered (if not the same as the shipping address).
  • Order Details with Quantity Ordered and Prices – Shows a detailed list of ordered items, and their respective prices. Prices indicated are all inclusive of 12% VAT.
  • Payment Type/Method ;– – Customer's chosen payment method is indicated here whether it may be bank deposit or credit card. (Full details on this topic can be found under Payment Methods)


  • Only promotional codes published through Office Warehouse advertisements, leaflets or coupons, and that carries or features an Alternate Look Up (ALU) code may be accepted under Office Warehouse online payment.
  • Discounts will be deducted from subtotal amount of the purchased items before implementation of 12% VAT and shipping costs..
  • Discounts enjoyed by partner companies cannot be availed of using the online site. Partner companies are encouraged to get in touch with our Customer Care personnel to facilitate orders offline..
  • Corporations or government agencies with BIR Forms 2306, 2307, PEZA/CEZA registration, and VAT exempt entities should be coordinated with Customer Care personnel to apply the corresponding discounts and/or exemptions for the related transaction.


Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy governs the information collected from visitors/users of the Office Warehouse website. Office Warehouse values the protection of our customers’ privacy and adheres to the policies and practices described in this Privacy Policy for the treatment, use and protection of the information provided by the users of this Site. We urge users to carefully and fully read the policy statements below to understand the information the company will collect, store, use, and/or share when necessary.

Personal information is information provided when the user registers on the Site, purchases or orders products and/or services, completes any online form, sends in an inquiry, survey, or application, participate in any promotion, or makes other similar communications. The information collected may include name, address, contact information, gender, age, and personal preferences. In addition, the web server may automatically collect the user’s information such as IP address, browser type, domain names, access time, and referrals when the Site is accessed.

These information are used to enable processing and deliveries of orders, inform users of updates, product availability or ongoing promotions, and tailor services/offerings to suit the user’s preferences. In addition, data collected by the web server may be used to determine visitor traffic statistics, measure website performance, and improve site content to make it more responsive to the needs of our customers.

Office Warehouse will not rent, sell or share, or otherwise disclose personal information provided by our users without notice unless set forth herein or required by law. Office Warehouse may employ third party contractors or service providers to perform functions on our behalf, which may include assistance in the processing of the user’s information. These contractors are contractually required to maintain the confidentiality of information and are restricted from using the information for any purpose other than those authorized by the company.

Office Warehouse may also share personal information or information relating to your service query to affiliates, suppliers, or manufacturers to enable them to respond to the user’s requests or concerns, provide the user with requested services, or offer services that may be of interest to the user. While we make utmost efforts to maintain confidentiality of the user’s personal information, these suppliers and manufacturers are independent from Office Warehouse and shall be solely responsible for its own acts and omissions. Likewise, Office Warehouse shall not be responsible for outside websites or outside information that interacts or links to this Site.

If the user decides that he would like to modify, update, or delete his personal information, kindly contact so that we may process your request. However, as certain archival information may be difficult or impossible to remove, we reserve the right to retain such information and make the same unavailable for use rather than fully deleting the same from our systems.


Return & Exchange Policy 

Screening Process Pre-Requisite

Items for exchange will undergo a screening process to determine appropriate remedy for the defective item, whether it is for REPAIR, REPLACEMENT or REFUND. Items for exchange, due to customer’s change of mind or found to be caused by customer’s mishandling of item will not be entertained.


STEP 1: Check if the item is subject for REPAIR.
Office Warehouse will allow repair depending on product type and item is within warranty terms and conditions. As such, Office Warehouse will refer customer to respective manufacturer’s service center for repair. Details can be found on the next section - Policy Commencement and Warranty Terms per type of Product.


STEP 2: If item is irreparable, then Office Warehouse will consider REPLACEMENT of defective item, under the following terms and conditions:


- Defective item shall be replaced with the same model and brand of product originally bought by customer, while stocks supply last.
  In case of unavailability of stock/s, the following options are applicable:
     - Customer may need to wait for replenishment of same model and brand of defective item.
     - Customer to get an upgraded model of the same brand, a totally different model and brand, or a totally different product type, provided
     - New item’s price point should equal or be more than the price of the defective item.
     - Customer pays for the price difference or any excess in amount accordingly.
     - Subject to approval of vendor where the defective item is due.


STEP 3: Office Warehouse to consider the last resort solution of REFUNDING the purchased item is found to be irreplaceable due to unavailability of stocks (i.e. item bought is last piece)


Customers, however, are NOT ENTITLED TO EXCHANGE OR REFUND, due to:


- Customer’s sudden change of mind, and yet, item bought is in good working condition.
- Defects were found to be caused by customer’s misuse or mishandling of item.
   Refer to:
   “Prohibition of No Return, No Exchange Policy” Title III, Chapter 1, Rule 2, Section 7 DAO of 1993, R.A. 7394 “The Consumer Act of the Philippines”


Warranty Terms and Policies


Office and School Supplies
  All items within this category may be replaced within seven (7) days from date of purchase, acceptance or pick-up of goods. Defective writing instruments will not be accepted for exchange, as such should be tested prior to purchase.


  Repair and replacement of items is applicable within seven (7) days from date of purchase, acceptance or pick-up of goods. Warranty will apply only on selected parts of furniture and should be within warranty period. Damages due to normal wear and tear, misuse or mishandles are not covered by warranty.


Warranty Coverage for Chairs

- One (1) month warranty - plastic arm, gas lift, mechanism and screws
- Three (3) months warranty - plastic star base
- Castors are not covered by warranty.

Warranty Coverage for Cabinets, Cupboards, Pedestals and Tables

- Seven (7) days warranty - damaged key and key lock.
- Cabinet railings are not covered by warranty.



  The warranty coverage shall be in accordance with manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions.


Although Office Warehouse may assist customer in coordinating with manufacturer to process request of remedy for the defective item, request of process may take a longer time due to following logistics schedule both on Office Warehouse and manufacturer’s side. Thus, it is highly recommended for customer to directly send the defective item to manufacturer’s service center along with proof of purchase and warranty certificate to expedite processing of request.


Below are specific terms and conditions on repair and replacement of specific technology product categories:


Printer Inks and Consumables

- Replacement of printer inks and consumables are subject to manufacturers testing, terms and conditions before replacement. In this regard, Office Warehouse will not automatically replace defective/tampered ink cartridges and toners. Office Warehouse, however, will process request of replacement to manufacturer where defective consumable is due, in behalf of customer.

- Replacement will not apply if:

     - Item is found to be an imitation of the original.
     - Introductory ink cartridge or toner attached to printer has been used, partially or in full.
     - Office Machines and Electronic Items (i.e Computer, Printers, Computer Accessories, etc.)


- Repair and replacement of these items should be in accordance with manufacturer’s warranty terms and conditions.
- Customer should report defective item to Office Warehouse along with warranty certificate and pertinent requirements as stated under the next section.
- As stated above, Office Warehouse may request processing to manufacturer in behalf of customer, but may entail a longer waiting period due to logistics schedule.     To expedite the process, however, customer may opt to directly bring the defective item to the nearest service center for proper item evaluation.


Requirements for Submission

- Office Warehouse reserves the right to refuse acceptance of defective item if at least one (1) of the requirements below are incomplete:

    - Official receipt/sales invoice indicating proof of purchase.
    - Warranty Certificate showing item is within warranty period.
    - Order Confirmation Email showing Purchase Order number of online transaction
    - Product returned completely with accessories and packaging.
    - Price tag is attached to the item, and
    - Merchandise is returned in good, original, saleable condition. No scratches, dents and/or signs of tampering or mishandling

- Customer to submit a fully filled-out Request for Item Repair and Replacement Form. Form may be retrieved from participating chosen outlet where item was picked- up from or to be emailed by our online shopping Customer Care personnel.


Request Process

- Online Purchases - Pickup

     - Online purchases picked-up from customer’s chosen outlet should be returned to the outlet where the item was retrieved.
       Customer to return item along with complete requirements as stated above. 

- Online Purchases -  Delivery

     - Intent to return defective items for repair or replacement should be raised to Office Warehouse Customer Care Hotline.
     - Customer Care personnel shall provide schedule on next delivery date of pick-up of defective item.
     - Customer to return item to delivery personnel along with complete requirements as stated above.

Refund Approval Process

- If customer request has been approved, a credit note/corporate check will be issued within five (5) to ten (10) working days after refund request has been approved.

Order Cancellation Policy

Cancellation by Office Warehouse, Inc.

Office Warehouse has the right to cancel transactions due to the following situations:

- Transaction includes limitations on availability and quantities of ordered item.

- Transaction includes errors in product pricing information

- Transaction was assessed to be problematic as identified by our credit and fraud avoidance team.


Cancellation by Customer

Should customer wish to cancel his/her order, customer should call our Customer Care immediately, items bought must be returned in its original saleable condition, and other pertinent documents must be submitted, as instructed below.


Allowable Window for Cancellation

- Customer is allowed to cancel his/her order/s within 24 hours from the time order has been placed. However, it would be more ideal if customer can cancel on or before 5:00 PM on the same day the transaction was made.

- Cancellation will not be allowed if order has undergone shipping.

- Cancellation of orders upon customer's receipt or pick-up of item shall not be entertained.

- Documents Required for Submission


Customer must be ready to present the following documents/requirements as per request of our Customer Care personnel:

- Items bought should be returned in its original and saleable condition.

- Order Confirmation Email showing Purchase Order number.

- Scanned copy of credit card holder's valid government ID (SSS, TIN, PhilHealth, GSIS, Driver's License)

- Scanned copy of credit card holder's valid company ID

- Scanned copy or photo (photocopy not allowed) of front panel of credit card with the following information :

  •         Bank's name logo

  •         VISA/MasterCard logo

  •         Embossed cardholder's name

  •         Embossed validity date

  •         Initial 6 digits and last 4 digits of credit card. To protect your credit card information, we request that the middle 6 digits of your card be masked or        covered.

  - Scanned letter of request to cancel the transaction stating the reason for cancellation of order, signed by credit card holder.


Refund Policy on Cancelled Transactions

- Payment thru Credit Card - If your order/s was cancelled after your credit card has been charged, the amount will be reversed back in your credit card account. Turn-- around time in reversing the amount shall depend on VISA and Master Card.
- Cash/Cheque Deposit Payments – If your order/s was cancelled after customer has made the cash deposit payments or the deposited check has been cleared, the said amount will be returned to customer through a corporate check issued by Office Warehouse.

Pay via:



Online Banking:

  • BDO 
  • RCBC