Terms of Use

Retail and Corporate Site Differentiation

Retail Site
Individual customers who would like to avail of the convenience of getting their office and school needs delivered at their door step may qualify for an account.

Business Portal
Sole Proprietors, Partnerships and Corporations or institutions with a minimum of 20+ employees are qualified to get an account to enjoy delivery convenience, corporate solutions, discounts and rewards from Office Warehouse. They can also enjoy special discounts on their regular purchases. Applicants may need to submit documents (Mayor’s permit, government ID of card holder, corporate ID of cardholder, SEC certificate, BIR certificate) in order to qualify.



Business Hours

Office Warehouse Online Site is available 24/7. Processing of orders and Customer Care inquiry, however, will follow an operating schedule as mentioned below. Any orders placed beyond the prescribed cut-off time will be processed the following working day.

Online Orders Processing Cut-Off Time:
Cut off time shall apply so that orders will be placed before the 3:00 pm delivery cut-off schedule.
a. Weekdays - 1:00 pm
b. Weekends and Holidays - No schedule. Orders placed on a weekend or holiday will be processed the following day (Monday) or the next working day, respectively.

Customer Care Hotline Schedule:
a. Weekdays - 8:30 am to 5:30 pm
b. Weekends and Holidays– no schedule




Navigating the Site

Customers can explore the site through the following tools:

  1. Store Locator – This is a useful tool to view listing of Office Warehouse outlets.
  2. FAQ – Link discusses customer’s frequently asked questions.
  3. How to Buy – Guides first time online shopper a step-by-step process on how to buy on the site.
  4. Searching an Item –  To quickly search for a specific item from the online store, customer can browse for it through several means:
    1. Browse through the main menus – If customer is searching for an array of products, the site’s main menu shows three (3) major product departments: Furniture, Office and School Supplies and Technology. Upon clicking a department, customer may then explore the different categories and sub categories will be featured in the following page.
    2. Shop by Brand – Customers can also search for items under a specific brand.  Shopper may choose a specific brand and all of the products, regardless of the product type will appear under the same brand.
    3. Use the “Search” text box - Customer can type in a brand name, specific model or the Alternate Look Up (ALU) code and the store will search for the item.
    4. Using Site Map– An index of links to access through the site would be very useful for quick finds.
  5. Product Photos and Specification – Each item featured would have the following product descriptions:
    1. Product Name – specifies the complete name of the product including brand name, product type, alternate look up (ALU) number and specific attribute unique to the product.
    2. Brand – specifies the brand name of the product featured
    3. Alternate Look-Up (ALU) – indicates the item code of the product.
    4. Department, Category and Sub-Category – outlines how the product is classified.
    5. Item Description/Summary - identifies product’s features including color, size, type of material, unique features and capabilities.
    6. Price - specifies the products selling price inclusive of 12% VAT. Prices are subject to change without prior notice.
    7. Photo – shows a visual representation of the product. Customers should note that photos may differ from actual product. There will be certain products carrying the same photo despite having different Product Names and descriptions descriptions/specifications.  To differentiate, customers should
      1. Check additional photos that would indicate differentiation i.e. a different color swatch of a fabric versus the main photo showcased, and
      2. Double check Product Name indicating the appropriate attribute unique to the product.



Managing your Account

Customers can easily manage their details and update their purchases through the following tools:

    1. Login – provides customer access to his/her current account with the site. For security purposes, the site has a set session timeout limit. Customer may need to log in to their account in the event that customer leaves the site for more than 30 minutes.
    2. Register – if customer does not have an account, he/she may fill up the form to apply for one.
    3. Shopping Cart This is where all customer purchases go. To view items purchased, customer can just click on the yellow bag or the Shopping Cart link at the upper right hand corner of the site.
    4. My Account – Customer can fully manage his/her account through the following tools:
      1. My Orders – Provides a history of customer’s purchase orders providing status updates on each purchase order. To view details of each order, customer would need to click on a specific Order Number that Order Details may appear. Full details on understanding Order Details found under number 4.
      2. My Profile – A venue where customer can edit his/her personal details and contact information
      3. My Addresses – This is where customer may add or edit billing and shipping details as needed.
      4. Change of Password – Upon registration, customer will be given a temporary password to access the account. Upon doing so, registrant is required to change his/her password for added protection and convenience. Should customer forget the password, this feature is a great tool to make a new one.



Order Details

This is a printable document that displays a list of your items ordered and includes the following information:

  1. Order Number – Is the tracking number for customer’s purchases.  
  2. Date – Indicates date of purchase online
  3. Status – Indicates progress on customer’s purchase. Below are descriptions of the status of customer’s orders. This list would be very useful in tracking the progress of order placements.
    1. New” – A new customer order has been placed. Office Warehouse shall process customer’s orders as soon as payment has been confirmed.
    2. Processing” –Office Warehouse have received customer’s credit card payment and orders are being prepared for shipment.
    3. Pending Payment” – Office Warehouse have received customer’s orders but not received bank deposit payment.
    4. Pending Payment Confirmation” –Customer has made the bank deposit payment and has provide Office Warehouse the details of the transaction via encoding them under My Account Enter Bank Deposit Information Tool. Office Warehouse has yet to verify with the bank that they payment was indeed made and payment details are correct.
    5. Cancelled” –Placed orders have been cancelled either by Office Warehouse or by customer due to specific reasons.
    6. With Error” – During the online ordering process for credit card payments, the customer failed to complete the payment in PesoPay for certain reason/s. Customer may need to contact his/her bank to verify the concern.
    7. “Shipped – The items have left the Office Warehouse distribution point.
    8. “Delivered”- The items has been delivered to the customer and the customer has received the items.
    9. Completed” – Office Warehouse has successfully delivered the ordered items. Posted seven (7) days after date of delivery and acceptance of item to ensure there are no complaints on the items delivered.
  4. Order Fulfillment Method – Indicates how customer’s preferred their orders to be shipped: delivery or pick-up from a participating Office Warehouse outlet.  
  5. Billing and Shipment Details
    1. Deliver To/Pick-Up At – Customer should specify the location where orders are to be delivered.
    2. Bill To – Customer should fill in the address where billings and other documents should be delivered (if not the same as the shipping address) such as checks to be reimbursed for a refunded transaction.
  6. Order Details with Quantity Ordered and Prices – Shows a detailed list of ordered items, and their respective prices. Prices indicated are all inclusive of 12% VAT.
  7. Payment Type/Method ­– Customer’s chosen payment method is indicated here whether it may be bank deposit or credit card. (Full details on this topic can be found under Payment Methods)



Rewards from Us

Office Warehouse offers two major rewards type, the Office Warehouse Rewards Program and regular promotions:

    1. Office Warehouse Rewards is the company’s loyalty program currently being implemented in Office Warehouse outlets except for the online shopping site. While Office Warehouse understands that a rewards cardholder would like to earn and redeem points online and receive the rewards real time, the company is in the process of developing its systems to enhance this feature. For now, customers may get to know more about the program and be on guard for future developments through inquiring with any Office Warehouse outlet or reviewing our Points Plus+
    2. Promotions
      1. Only promotional codes published through Office Warehouse advertisements, leaflets or coupon and that carries or features an Alternate Look Up (ALU) code may be accepted under Office Warehouse online payment.
      2. Discounts will be deducted from subtotal amount of the purchased items before implementation of 12% VAT and shipping costs.
      3. Discounts enjoyed by partner companies cannot be availed of using the online site. Partner companies are encouraged to get in touch with our Customer Care personnel to facilitate orders offline.
      4. Corporations or government agencies with BIR Forms 2306, 2307, PEZA/CEZA registration, and VAT exempt entities cannot be accommodated at the Business portal of the online store and should be coordinated with Customer Care personnel to apply the corresponding discounts and/or exemptions for the respective transaction.

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